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Hot chicken chain Crimson Coward to expand to Maryland with three Baltimore-area spots

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This is no ordinary
chicken sandwich!

 It’s the one and only Crimson Coward Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich AKA The Crimson. The Crimson is a certified hormone-free, boneless breast cooked to perfection and served with Crimson Sauce, house-made slaw, pickles on an artisan brioche bun. At Crimson Coward we use the finest chicken and have a direct relationship with the farmer. We know where our chicken comes from and you will taste the difference! The Crimson Chicken Sandwich is where it’s at and you can taste the quality.

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The Crimson Rub

A lot of research and development went into developing the signature Crimson Coward rub. We didn’t stop until we knew we found THE perfect combination for Crimson Coward’s Hot Nashville chicken. Just how serious are we about delivering an authentic hot chicken experience? Well, we spent six months researching, yes you read that right. During that time we visited Nashville several times, you have to go the source when only the best will do.

We also met with leading local chefs and got to work in the test kitchen. It then took four more months, yes we ate a lot of chicken during those months! It was well worth it because “The Crimson Rub” was born. One of a kind flavor that you will not find anywhere else. We worked tirelessly and after testing 120 different combinations we found the one. The Crimson Rub contains a secret blend of over 16 primary and 32 secondary spices!

We cannot tell you what our secret rub contains (exactly) but one thing we do is to apply “The Crimson Rub” 24 hrs before the chicken is cooked. It’s not the fastest way to create a Nashville Hot chicken sandwich or tenders but we go that extra mile at Crimson Coward. You can read all our glowing reviews but you must taste The Crimson for yourself.

Hot Chicken Rub
Hot Chicken Tray

Cooking the Perfect Hot chicken

Once we landed the perfect combination of spices for The Crimson Rub we perfected cooking crisp and juicy chicken. Our state of the art fryers isn’t anything you have seen before. Forget about using a cast iron pan as Grandma did. There you have it, farm-sourced, hormone-free chicken, paired with The Crimson Rub, at Crimson Coward only the best will do. Now you just have to decide what level of heat you can handle!

Crimson Coward Fans

Crimson Coward just opened in the spring of 2019 but has been making waves since opening day. Crimson Coward has become a destination for Nashville hot chicken fans throughout California. Guests have visited from as far as San Diego & Glendale! We love our Crimson Coward fans and they can’t get enough of The Crimson. We thank and salute our loyal customers and can’t wait to serve you The Crimson! Better than reading about it, you have got to taste it for yourself and let us know what heat level you can handle.



Pomona, CA
Stafford, VA, Fall 2023
MD, Winter 2023