Things To Do In Artesia CA

8 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Artesia CA This Fall

There’s a lot of things to do in Artesia CA, and these local spots are worth a visit next time you are in town. Check out our newest blog post for eight different experiences, all full of local flavor.

Summer Wanderlust

Summer Wanderlust 2021 Is Brewing

Do you have a recent case of serious summer wanderlust? Fire up the travel bug with some fun facts on our newest blog post.

Southern Cooking Side Dishes

Get Your Greens & Veggies! Intro to Southern Cooking Side Dishes

Southern food is the epitome of ultimate comfort food, would you agree with the sentiment? Without a doubt fried chicken and hot chicken are the stars of show in Southern cooking. But Southern cooking food can’t be completed without Collard Greens.

Thank you Hot Chicken

Crazy for Hot Chicken

We are known for our Nashville style hot chicken. We offer a few heat levels to choose from depending where you are on your Crimson Coward hot chicken flavor adventure.

Spicy Food

Healthy Benefits of Spicy Food

Do you love spicy food or know someone who always wants to try the newest spicy dish or type of hot sauce? These types seem