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Brighten Up Your Day! Pouring A Big Mug Of Positivity: January Edition

10 Ways to brighten up your day and new year with positivity

Hello to 2022! A New Year Full of Possibility Awaits

Two weeks into the new year, the days are beginning to get longer (yay, sunshine), and good vibes are in the air. So brighten up your day and add a little extra boost of positivity to this (still) new year with our latest January 2022 blog post all about good news.

Say what?! Science took this Food Off the Naughty List!

In February 2021, Wired shared the fantastic news that one of our favorite foods is not that bad for your health. But, of course, we did backflips when reading this near revolutionary headline. This food should, in our opinion, be its food group. It is a delicious addition to practically any meal and makes its way to dessert. Enjoyed all around the world and almost impossible to resist.

New Year Food Cheese

Bucket List Challenge to try 1,700 + Varieties of this Food

Have you been able to guess which food this is on the bucket list challenge? Cheese! Excellent news; that you needed to know! Macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese fans can join us and rejoice. So, will you be adding any extra cheese(s) to your favorite recipes? When in doubt, remember, “There’s almost no evidence that cheese causes weight gain—and in fact, there’s evidence that it’s neutral at worst.” Says who? Science! Go ahead and get to know a few more kinds of cheese in 2022.

The Internet Made Me Buy It

About everyone can relate to spending (near) hours, days, and weeks browsing Amazon, online window shopping, making wish lists, and online shopping. But, we can admit we have also skimmed to discover things we didn’t even know we needed and just had to have.

Bucket List Challenge

Online Shop and Pay it Forward

Make your next marathon browsing session more impactful and brighten someone else’s day. Did you know that you can purchase items for individuals, charities, and even teachers from their Amazon wish lists? You can feel good knowing that you are donating something needed and wanted to your favorite organization, a local charity, or a teacher. If you feel extra generous, why not cross an item on a stranger’s list?! Check out the search for a specific Wishlist.

Search, Click, and Done!

Amazon Smile allows you to quickly find your favorite charity’s wish lists and donate items directly to them. Plus, Amazon Smile will donate “0.5% of your eligible Charity List purchases to your selected charity, at no extra cost to you.” These are both quick and easy ways to make a difference and brighten someone else’s day.

Good Vibes and News that will Brighten Up Your Day and Mood

You might be asking where or if such a place exists with good vibes. So often, the news is far from uplifting, or so few positive headlines make it to the masses. Illustrator Mauro Gatti came up with an alternative, The Happy Broadcast. Experience news delivered with a positive and cute twist. Gatti lovingly illustrates international headlines highlighting the positive change (good news) occurring worldwide.

His bright illustrations usually feature adorable animals and leave you feeling a bit better and hopeful. His work would make for a great conversation starter and provide a fun way to learn or teach current events. See all of 2021’s Good vibes and news. There’s also a Podcast named The Happy Podcast and an app. We look forward to reading The Happy Broadcast and know there will be many positive headlines ahead in 2022.

Good Vibes

Counting Down to Once in a Decade Green International event: Floriade Exposition 2022

The highly anticipated green international event of Floriade is finally just 90 days away! What’s Floriade? Floriade is a “celebration of horticulture solutions and sustainable technology for the future.” It might sound like a brand of toothpaste or mouthwash. But, it is international horticulture and sustainable living exposition unlike any other. The theme this decade is ‘Growing Green Cities’.

A Greener Future

One of the main features is Floriade Park, which will showcase 40 worldwide Pavillon exhibitions. Each display is alive with plants, flowers, and worldwide horticulture. In addition, each Pavillion will immerse visitors into local culture, art and sustainability for a greener future.

Green Around the World

Floriade 2022 is in Almere, Holland, but visitors will be able to engage all their senses and experience Nepal, Germany, Qatar, Japan, France, Indonesia, and of course, Holland! The exposition will open on April 14th and remain open through October 9th, 2022. This unique experience is living and breathing, presenting a sustainable vision of the future of cities.

Greener Future

Until Our Next Edition

Thank you for reading our latest blog post! We hope that your spirits feel lifted. Perhaps you will share this blog post with a friend and keep the good vibes and good mood going. Until our next blog post, remember Crimson Coward is open for dine-in at our Downey (10405 Lakewood Blvd Downey, CA 90241) and Artesia locations (11938 1/2 South St Artesia, CA 90701) Plus take out and delivery, seven days a week. So let us satisfy your Nashville-style hot chicken craving today. Check out our other blog about Spring in LA.