Meet Crimson Coward’s Macaroni and Cheese.The Ultimate Hot Chicken Side Dish

MAC & Cheese

When you close your eyes do you ever dream of macaroni and cheese? Well, we have to admit that we actually have and do dream about the Southern classic and world-famous dish macaroni and cheese. You can upgrade your macaroni and cheese dreams and say hello to our creamy, gooey, cheesy and comforting macaroni and cheese. Call us strange but there is just so much to love about this classic American dish. You know we had to put our own Crimson touch on the classic while still staying true it’s Southern roots. Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate companion to hot chicken. Oh so craveable. Can we get a hallelujah? No wonder macaroni and cheese keep appearing in our dreams. Is it time for a nap?

Here’s our ode to macaroni and cheese! No doubt that macaroni and cheese is one of the top 5 comfort foods. Do you agree? It’s high on our list. Each scrumptious bite is literally like a hug. Feeling all the feels. There is nothing better than a side of delicious, creamy and cheesy perfection, aka, Crimson Coward’s macaroni and cheese. It also tastes great with our chicken tenders, wings and fried pickles.

The first known recorded macaroni and cheese recipe originated in 1769. But macaroni and cheese has been enjoyed all the way back to the 13th century. Former US President, Thomas Jefferson got inspired by the pasta dishes he encountered on his travels in France. When he returned to the US he brought back a pasta machine and recipes. James Hemings is credited with being one of the first chefs in the country to prepare macaroni and cheese. Hemings was a slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson so enjoyed macaroni and cheese that the dish was even served at an official state dinner in 1802. No one knows exactly where the dish originated but it’s believed to have come from Northern Europe. Could you imagine cooking macaroni and cheese over an open fire under the stars? It’s not surprising that macaroni and cheese has had a hold on people since ancient times. Thankfully, you can cruise by Crimson Coward or order delivery to your door and satisfy your macaroni and cheese cravings, no wood chopping required.

Historic versions of macaroni and cheese were different than the wild and indulgent variations that can be found across the globe today. Imagine plain noodles and most likely a hard grated cheese… Butter and milk were old world luxuries. We are certain that macaroni and cheese has only gotten richer and tastier over the years. The types of pasta, cheeses and preparation techniques used in macaroni and cheese recipes vary greatly. Recipes really vary by state, region, recipe, tradition, family and generation. Some stay true to classic age-old recipes, others go out on a flavor limb. There’s a lot of variation in macaroni cheese recipes even here in the United States, yet alone the international and fusion variations of the popular dish. Many people (us included) keep their macaroni and cheese recipes closely guarded.

Just ask around and you will find that people tend to get very passionate about their macaroni and cheese. Folks love to talk about it, cook it, and of course eat it. Bet you can think of a few twists on macaroni and cheese that you tasted or even prepared yourself. Jalapenos, olives or tomatoes? How about adding in onions, breadcrumbs, chicken or bell peppers? Garlic, hotdogs, bacon, corn or mushrooms? Truffles? Caviar? Say what? The variations of macaroni and cheese are almost infinite. That doesn’t even dive into stove top macaroni and cheese, oven baked macaroni and cheese or crunchy topped macaroni and cheese.

Have you ever noticed how quickly macaroni and cheese gets eaten at family dinners and barbecues? Certainly, doesn’t last long, you might not want to leave your Crimson Coward macaroni and cheese unattended, we aren’t kidding.

So, what is about macaroni and cheese that brings folks back time and time again? Why is it that this dish brings such comfort? Is there really a “wrong” time of day (or year) to enjoy macaroni and cheese? We open at 11 am so you really could have our macaroni and cheese for breakfast or an early lunch, we don’t judge. Believe us, we have eaten macaroni and cheese before sunrise, for lunch, a snack, dinner or a midnight snack.

The popular and iconic blue box of macaroni and cheese was introduced during the great depression. According to Insider, “In 1937 alone, 9 million boxes were sold — this number would multiply five times during World War II.” It was known for being a source of protein that was quick and convenient to prepare, in addition to being shelf stable and inexpensive. That famous blue box does lend to convenience with an iconic taste of its own. To us, there’s no doubt that macaroni and cheese is best with fresh cheese, milk and butter. Macaroni and cheese can be a meal in itself, but we love it with hot chicken tenders or wings.

The love of macaroni and cheese is known all over the world: chili macaroni, macaroni pie, and even deep-fried macaroni and cheese. There really are so many ways to love pasta and cheese…. Almost endless. From all the possible variations of macaroni and cheese recipes and add-ins, what are some of your favorites?

We know your Grandma’s macaroni and cheese is the best but, there is something about Crimson Coward’s macaroni and cheese that stands above the rest. You must taste it for yourself. It’s all about delicious bites of perfectly cooked elbow macaroni in our dreamy creamy cheese sauce. We can’t tell you our secret blend of cheeses…add in milk, butter, spices and a dash of Crimson Coward flavor magic. You might want to place a double order of the ultimate comfort food.