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Potato Extravaganza: Unleashing the Fiery Flavors of America’s Finest Spuds


Welcome to Crimson Coward, where fiery flavor takes center stage. While Nashville hot chicken is our pride and joy, today, we’re turning up the heat on an unsung hero of the culinary world the mighty potato. Potatoes are the unsung heroes of the food scene, transforming into crispy French fries, creamy mashed potatoes, and tempting salads. Join us as we dive into the fiery depths of flavor with five unique varieties of potatoes grown across the USA. From the soil to the plate, each potato delivers a distinctive taste, texture, and flair that sets it apart. Prepare yourself for a compelling journey through potato paradise!

Russet Burbank- The Fluffy King of Mashed Potatoes

In the heartlands of Idaho, the Russet Burbank reigns supreme as the king of mashed potatoes. Renowned for its high starch content and low moisture, this potato becomes light and fluffy when mashed. Grown in the volcanic soil of the Snake River Plain, Russet Burbanks thrive in cool climates and are best enjoyed baked or mashed to unlock their creamy, melt-in-your-mouth appeal.

Yukon Gold- The Velvety Paragon of Potato Salad

When it comes to potato salads that dance on your palate, the Yukon Gold takes center stage. With its golden-hued flesh and thin, buttery skin, this variety lends a velvety texture and rich flavor to any potato salad. Grown in the fertile soils of the Pacific Northwest, Yukon Gold potatoes strike the perfect balance between waxy and starchy, making them ideal for salads and roasting. Yukon gold potatoes provide vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and calcium.

Kennebec- The Crispy Champion of French Fries

Behold the Kennebec potato, the crispy champion that brings French fries to life in a blaze ofglory. These potatoes, grown throughout the Northeast and the Midwest, have a high sugarcontent that caramelizes during frying, resulting in a delectable golden crust and a creamy interior. With their excellent fryer stability and fluffy texture, Kennebec potatoes are a must for achieving the ultimate French fry nirvana.

All Blue- The Vibrant Maverick of Roasted Potatoes

Step into a world of bold and vibrant flavors with the All Blue potato, a true maverick in roasted spuds. Sporting a captivating deep blue skin and vibrant purple flesh, this variety is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Grown across various regions in the USA, the All Blue potato boasts a slightly nutty flavor and a dense, creamy texture that caramelizes beautifully when roasted to perfection. There are dozens of other types of blue potatoes to add a unique twist to your potato dishes.

Fingerling- The Petite Sensation for Spiraled Delights

Experience the whimsical allure of Fingerling potatoes, enchanting your taste buds with their petite, elongated shape. With their thin, delicate skin and buttery-yellow flesh, Fingerlings offer a rich, nutty flavor and creamy texture, making them an ideal choice for roasting or tossing into vibrant salads. This diverse variety can be found in various parts of the country, each boasting a distinctive taste and texture.


Potatoes, the unsung heroes of the culinary world, have dazzled our taste buds with their versatility and fiery flavors. From the fluffy magnificence of Russet Burbank for mashed potatoes to the velvety allure of Yukon Gold for potato salads, the crispy glory of Kennebec for French fries, the vibrant hues of All Blue for roasted delights, and the petite sensation of Fingerlings for spiraled wonders- each variety brings its unique attributes to dishes around the country.

Whether you’re in the mood for creamy mashed potatoes, zesty potato salad, irresistibly crispy fries, captivating roasted spuds, or whimsical spiraled delights, the seemingly humble potato is your new mealtime go-to.

So, join us at Crimson Coward, where the mighty potato takes on a fiery persona, adding a delightful twist to our signature hot chicken. Let the flavors of America’s finest spuds elevate your culinary experience to new, fiery heights. Welcome to a world where potatoes reign supreme, and flavors burst with sizzling intensity.