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Chasing The Fried Chicken Frenzy Around The World

Chasing Fried Chicken

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7 Interesting Facts About Fried Chicken

Interesting Facts About Fried Chicken

  1. Chicken, hot and fried chicken are totally our (main) love languages. Thankfully, all of our foodie love languages are universal. While Nashville, Tennessee is the original home to hot chicken in the United States, the dish, the associated frenz for the burn and fried chicken in general are enjoyed and craved all around the world. According to The Travel, Australia and Argentina are among the top global consumers of chicken (and fried chicken).
  2. While we personally eat a massive amount of chicken we also are fond of many other varieties of both spicy and fried chicken. Life is too delicious to explore only one type of hot, fried or spicy chicken flavor trail. If you have any doubt then consider that Google shares that there are in fact more chickens on earth than people! Plus documenting a whopping record breaking 2,493 lbs servings of fried chicken for an epic 70th anniversary extravaganza for KFC.
  3. Insider magazine shares an insightful and mouth watering exploration of some of the (other) ways that fried chicken is devoured in different corners of the globe. A unique and tempting fried chicken variation on Insider’s list is called Sayam Goreng from Indonesia. “Sayap means wings” and is a homegrown dish that is a staple (and secret) recipe in each household. Although every Granny or Mom puts her own unique twist on the dish, Sayam Goreng is generally “a blend of flavorful aromatics like tamarind, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass, and shallots…” which are then fried in fragrant coconut oil.” Extra yum! Can we please get a few dozen of those Mom?
  4. Keep chasing the chicken burn around the globe by tuning your tastebuds to a fiery fried chicken dish from China called Chongqing chicken which is also known as Laziji. This dish turns the heat up several extra notches with “stir-fried Szechuan peppercorns”. Did you know that peppercorns grow as berries on vines and have been enjoyed since ancient Greek and Roman times? Chinese Chongqing chicken takes the burn even further with the addition of  “…ginger, green onion, and dried chilies.” Holy smokes is all we can say.
  5. A Croatian fried chicken wonder is called “Pohani V” named after the city of Virovitica. This fried chicken is breaded and gets a spicy burst of unami and cool creaminess with the accompanying “sour cream blended with grated horseradish” sauce. Pohani V is extra regional because it’s v shape cut is a nod to the namesake city according to Insider Article.
  6. We would literally crush every single one of the international fried/hot chicken varieties on Insider’s list. One more that we can’t help but share hails from Mexico. This next level entry is  known as the “Cemita poblana” which is a rich and indulgent variety of a torta served on a sesame seed bun. Tortas are simply a Mexican sandwich. Typically served on a white soft roll with standard condiments of mayonnaise, sliced tomato and iceberg lettuce. After the standard torta foundation, the rest of the options, combinations and sheer variety of torta fillings are near infinite. Tortas also vary by region and of course by kitchen and chef. The Cemita poblana stuns with fried and battered “Thin chicken cutlets” which are then “topped with chipotle sauce, crunchy lettuce and onion, fresh oregano or papalo, creamy avocado, stringy Oaxacan cheese…” Is it time for a nap yet? Wow, Insider really got us drooling for fried chicken.
  7. Nashville (and Tennessee in general) are both among our favorite destinations in the United States. Most times we prefer our fried and hot chicken served a little closer to home to be able to satisfy our cravings minus a plane ride and time change. We have taken many fried and hot chicken vacations over the years though. Yet somehow, there’s (almost) nothing better than being able to enjoy flavorful fried chicken paired with Southern California’s sunshine and good vibes.

Our Hot Fried Chicken, Your Crimson Coward Feast

Nashville Hot Chicken Home Recipe

Combine some of our tasty sides and hot chicken you can have your very own Crimson Coward feast. Have you had a Crimson Coward picnic yet at one of Los Angeles’s amazing beaches or parks? Our hot chicken is anything but ordinary. Make it a spicy chicken date to remember. Get your next order to go and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram. Or dine in at either our Downey or Artesia, California locations. Both of our locations are open seven days a week for all your Crimson Coward Nashville style hot chicken cravings.

Wet your appetite with an order of our tangy and crisp fried pickles. Forget about waiting for the country fair to get your fried pickle fix. If you never tried fried pickles then you are in for a real treat. Our fried pickle portion size is generous and totally shareable. You might also want to grab some fries, nothing like a classic and hot chickens BFF.  Experience something new by dipping those fried pickles or your fries in our secret Crimson sauce. Don’t worry we also have ketchup, ranch and honey too for all your other dipping sauce needs.

While chicken is undoubtedly the star of the show, it’s not just about the (hot) chicken sandwiches around here. Our wings and tenders are darn delicious too. If you want nothing in the way of that scrumptious straight up hot chick flavor then our chicken tenders or delicious (fried) chicken wings are for you. Always fried fresh to order & always halal. Check us out on the list of 35 Best Fried Chicken Places in America by

Finally, anchor your next level lunch, dinner, snack, craving, or munchies down with either The Crimson or The Home Style chicken sandwiches. Both of these treats get stacked high with flavor. Each featuring the crown of Crimson Coward glory, a juicy, fried and hormone-free, boneless chicken breast adorned with fixings. The Crimson is dressed with Crimson Sauce, house-made slaw, pickles served on an artisan brioche bun. The Home Style gets the same chicken treatment, Crimson Sauce, house-made slaw, toasted bread and gooey melted American cheese.

Stop by either of our two Southern California locations the next time you want to satisfy your hot fried chicken dreams Crimson Coward style. Cruise by in Downey at: 10405 Lakewood, Blvd, Downey CA 90241, hours of operation Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm. Or slide by our newest Artesia location: 11938 1/2 South St Artesia, CA 90701. Artesia’s location hours are also Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm. How hot will you dare to go?