Nashville Hot Chicken

Crimson Coward Test Kitchen Memories

Crimson Coward Test Kitchen

Have you been craving Nashville style hot chicken or perhaps a perfectly fried, crisp and juicy chicken wing or maybe even a chicken tender? Don’t fret Los Angeles. You can satisfy all your hot chicken cravings right here in SoCal!

Look no further than Downey and Artesia the next time you want to feel the BURRRRN, or sink into some luscious Mac and Cheese, tangy Fried Pickles bathed in ranch, or a grilled cheese. But wait, let’s get back to the star of the show at our Crimson Coward Test Kitchen, The Hot Chicken!

This is no ordinary fried chicken. Our juicy hot Nashville chicken tenders, wings and sandwiches take it to another level. We wish we could say it happened overnight, but true Nashville style hot chicken masterpieces take sweat equity.  While there are other hot chicken joints none of them are Crimson Coward. So, what is it that sets our hot chicken, wings, tenders and Southern sides apart? Let us take you back…

Nashville, The Origin Of Our Story

Before we brought hot chicken to Downey and Artesia, California, we traveled to Nashville, Tennessee several times. We have a real hankering for hot chicken that just wouldn’t quit. To be totally honest, we were (and still are) fully obsessed with both fried chicken and hot chicken. Guess you could say that Southern cooking and chicken are our main love languages. Can anyone else relate? The passion runs deep.

If you have been wondering where all the hot chicken fever originates from then tip your hat to Nashville. The original home of hot chicken in the United States. Our own hot chicken desires set us on a journey to learn everything we could about hot chicken. Can you blame us? We worked tirelessly cooking, testing and tasting fried chicken and spice blends… How could we resist? You might just thank us later.

We ate a lot of hot chicken that year at our Crimson Coward Test Kitchen and it was so worth it. We made it on USA Today’s 20 of the best fried chicken places in America list! We lost count of the days and nights spent in the Crimson Coward test kitchen frying up chicken wings, tenders and all white meat chicken breasts.

It wasn’t only about perfecting the ultimate fried chicken. We also took great joy in testing and perfecting our classic southern sides including Mac and Cheese, Fried Pickles and Coleslaw. We didn’t forget the fries either and really went for it with our original Joey Eat Fries.

Most of our sides are Southern inspired classics but we could not resist going off the cuff, who is Joey anyways? We will get to Joey later. This is HOT chicken territory after all! You might want to grab a tall glass of milk or a slice of white bread. This where it starts to get spicy folks. Can someone cue in Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff right about now?

Crimson Coward Test Kitchen Results

Crimson Coward Nashville Hot Chicken

It took us 120 different combinations of spices until we found the one at Crimson Coward Test Kitchen. Yes, THE ONE!!!!  The Crimson Rub contains a secret blend of over 16 primary and 32 secondary spices. We cannot tell you exactly what our secret rub contains, sorry folks. But we do something a little different to have even tastier hot chicken. Any guesses? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for super flavorful fried chicken?

We apply “The Crimson Rub” 24 hours before the chicken is cooked. The 24-hour marination is an element that differentiates our hot chicken from any others. While it might not be the fastest way to create the best Nashville hot chicken sandwich, tenders or wings, we go that extra mile to deliver hot chicken flavor perfection. Would you really expect anything less from Crimson Coward? 

We are here to serve you freshly cooked to order Nashville style hot chicken and delicious sides seven days a week. Two locations to serve you better, our flagship in Downey and the newest hot chick on the block is our Artesia location, find us at 11938 1/2 South St Artesia, CA 90701.

We have five heat flavors to meet your taste, so don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of spicy food. The country has no heat, it’s great for kids or kids at heart. Folks who are a little curious can take it up one notch and order the mild. Some folks stay here and don’t venture further down the hot chicken spice trail. That’s nothing wrong with that! One could call them chicken purists. There is no requirement to graduate up the Crimson Coward heat trail.

Those who are chasing the heat should next try the medium. See how that treats you before graduating to Crimson hot, that’s where things get HOT! We didn’t name it that for nothing. Next up is the ultimate, BURRRRN, BABY, BURN, we aren’t playing with the heat on this one. Yes, it’s getting hot in here, you’re not imagining things. Spicy food challenge time for those hot chicken fans who are chasing the ultimate thrill of the BURRRRN. We definitely advise to work your way up the Crimson Coward heat trail.

Regardless of which of the five heat levels you try don’t forget that all of our chicken is marinated for 24 hours. We were on a serious flavor quest to bring Nashville style hot chicken to Downey and Artesia and the greater Los Angeles area. The days and nights spent in the Crimson Coward test kitchen will forever remain fond memories in our hearts, minds and taste buds. How can one ever actually forget the glorious aroma of fried chicken wafting through the air for months on end? We can’t quit hot chicken.

The next time you are craving Nashville style hot chicken sandwiches, tenders, wings, French fries, fried pickles, mac and cheese, fried pickles or grilled cheese… Just stop by either of our Southern California locations. Our team is ready to serve you our halal Nashville hot chicken and satisfy your hot chicken cravings, seven days a week. No flight to Nashville is needed. Don’t forget the sides and cold milk.