Nashville Hot Chicken

Riding the Chicken Train from Breakfast through the Dinner Bell

Chicken Train

Crimson Coward Is Here To Fulfill All Your Hot Chicken Cravings, Ride The Chicken Train 7 Days A Week

Fried Chicken Is So Popular

Fried Chicken

Scotland is the original birthplace of fried chicken and we have to tip our hats to the Scottish immigrants that brought their fried chicken (not boiled or baked) to the United States. We give a big thanks daily to the original creator of fried chicken. We don’t even want to entertain the thought of life without fried and hot chicken.

People around the world are so passionate about fried chicken. From the cooking of it, eating it, sharing it, talking about it, filming it and of course writing about it. If you have any doubt of how popular chicken is (let alone fried and hot chicken) try to think of a meal where chicken isn’t served… Take a few minutes to think on this one. We could not think of many other than dessert.

Chicken Train From Breakfast Through The Dinner 

Nashville Style Hot Chicken BBQ

Chicken for breakfast? Absolutely! Head to the diner in your kitchen and order up for a side of chicken sausages or chicken patties. Both chicken sausages and chicken patties pair perfectly alongside pancakes, fluffy omelets, egg scrambles, buttered toast or tucked into a breakfast sandwich. Although chicken bacon never became a thing there are so many other ways to enjoy the bird even for breakfast.

While we still are on the most important meal of the day, we can’t forget the ever popular breakfast, brunch (and dinner) classic of chicken and waffles. Just Like hot chicken, chicken and waffles can be enjoyed at almost any time of the day, the chicken train never stops at any time. Both of our Southern California locations open at 11 AM every day!! Any day of the week, you never have to go without Crimson Coward.

If you find yourself craving hot chicken, wings, or chicken tenders in the morning we got you. 11 am is still technically morning and some days mac and cheese for breakfast is the only thing that will suffice. Early bird hot chicken lovers can find us at: 10405 Lakewood, Blvd, Downey CA 90241 to ride the chicken train. Our amazing crew is there to serve you tasty and halal Nashville hot chicken at our Downey flagship location, Monday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm. Hot chick lovers in Artesia, pop on by our new location: 11938 1/2 South St Artesia, CA 90701. Also open every Monday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm.

Chicken would also be right at home folded into a vegetable cheese quiche. Or even rolled up into a filling breakfast burrito….along the lines of shredded chicken, chicken sausages or even, chopped chicken patties. Then add some scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, avocado or guacamole, chopped vegetables and sour cream or crema. Yes please, and don’t forget the cheese! We certainly can recall days of having chicken tenders and mashed potatoes for breakfast. Can you really blame us?

Chicken Vs Egg, Which One Comes First?!


The age old debate of which one came first the chicken or the egg may never get settled. But at Crimson Coward you can join us for dine in, take out or get delivery for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any meal of your own choosing. We know that life can be hectic. You can easily order online for either Artesia or Downey locations. Just a few clicks and you’ll be that much closer to your freshly cooked to order Crimson Coward meal. Whether you order up a Crimson hot chicken sandwich piled high with fixings or a half dozen wings and fries…

You can always rest assured that your food was cooked JUST for you. We fry and cook to order always, just part of what sets us apart. Hot chicken fans on Yelp are feeling the Crimson BURRRN! Check out what fellow hot chick lovers in Artesia Yelp have to say about Crimson Coward. Downey fans, we thank you too for over 1,700 reviews on Yelp. We love and appreciate our guests and those committed to chasing the Crimson Coward BURRRN.

Chicken Train Never Stops, Chicken Sandwich Still On The Ride

Hot Chicken Sandwich - Southern Food

Our Chicken train rolls out the whole day. Chicken options for breakfast might have taken a little more thought. However chicken for lunch is a literal no brainer. Chicken sandwiches lead the pack here without a doubt. We like to think of the chicken sandwich as the one stop shop meal wise. We love chicken sandwiches so much we created two of our own that you should really get to know. The Homestyle and The Crimson are what we named our chicken sandwich babies. Both of our sandwiches feature crispy juicy and tender fried chicken, always cooked to order seven day a week.

Our hot chicken sandwiches The Crimson or The Home Style, get stacked high with flavor. Each featuring a crown of Crimson Coward glory, a juicy, fried and hormone-free, boneless chicken breast adorned with fixings. The Crimson is dressed with Crimson Sauce, house-made slaw, pickles served on an artisan brioche bun.

The Home Style gets the same chicken crown followed by Crimson Sauce, house-made slaw, toasted white bread and gooey melted American cheese. The Crimson or the Home Style will definitely satisfy that hunger. You decide how hot you dare to go! Our portion sizes are generous, we don’t live (or eat) small friends.

The flavor lunch hot chicken train express takes a stop for some wings by the half dozen or full dozen. Round here we lovingly refer to our half and full dozen wing orders as the Half Coward and the Full Coward respectively. Both the Half and Full Coward are served with sliced white bread and pickles. That’s a Southern thing that we just can’t shake.

Chicken Tenders Power

Chicken Tender

Nashville hot fried chicken tenders done right are like a perfect sweater! You get all the fried chicken goodness front and center. Our chicken tenders are perfect for the pickiest eater. Always halal, all natural chicken. No mystery meat, no cardboard, no sawdust or unnaturally shaped “chicken” here. We serve real Nashville hot fried chicken tenders at Crimson Coward not mystery nuggets. We have a direct relationship with the farm we source ALL of our chicken from.

Chicken tenders are not only for kids or teens or tweens! You can always give your tenders the Crimson Coward touch by choosing your preferred heat level. Keep it classic and kid friendly by going with the country which has no heat. Cruise up the heat scale for your tenders as you work your way through our five heat levels. Finally, you get to customize your chicken tenders exactly to your taste.

Knowing how popular chicken is all around the world, one might think it’s easy to create crisp & juicy chicken. Frying chicken is an art unto itself as is marinating and seasoning this popular bird. All of those steps are essential for divine chicken. Fried and Nashville style hot chicken are true art forms. We happily spent months in the test kitchen tweaking our preparation, seasoning and cooking methods until we got it JUST right.

We bet you too have unfortunately encountered several dry, bland and bleak dishes passed off as chicken… Most likely a few uninspiring (and unforgettable) chicken dinners. How about dialing up some fresh Crimson Coward chicken and making new spicy, delicious, juicy and incredible food (chicken) memories? It’s time to leave the dry chicken and lifeless over boiled broccoli in the past. Read what USA Today had to say about our fried chicken.

Next time you have a hankering for some hot chicken and Southern favorite sides just cruise down, order online or stop in to dine with us at either our Downey or Artesia locations. Our amazing crew is on deck to make your hot chicken wishes come true every day.