Nashville Hot Chicken

Summer 2021 Is Still In Full Swing In Southern California

Crimson Coward in Summer 2021

Outside Temperatures are nearly as HOT as BURRRN BABY BURRRN in Southern California! Our hottest level of Nashville style Hot Chicken in Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is still in full swing and temps are soaring nearly as hot as BURRRN BABY BURRRN in Southern California, our hottest level of Nashville style hot chicken. We have five other hot chicken heat levels if chasing the BURRRN isn’t your thing. Don’t worry, our country level (no heat) is filled with flavor, crunch and delight, no burn required.

The whole family or squad can customize their Crimson chicken to their taste and heat adventure level. We do suggest to start low on our heat scale and work your way up so you can fully enjoy your meal. It’s a Crimson Coward heat marathon, friends not a sprint, lol!

Crimson Coward Chicken Is As Hot As Southern California Summer

Southern California

Cool off from the soaring heat of Southern California so you can raise the temp on your hot chicken taste buds instead. It’s much more enjoyable. We always cook fresh to order, seven days a week, from breakfast to dinner at both our Downey and Artesia locations in sunny Los Angeles, Southern California. We are proudly locally owned!  An independent restaurant taking pride in using quality ingredients to deliver a unique and one of a kind Nashville style hot chicken experience.

Part of the difference you will taste is due to The Crimson Rub. It contains a secret blend of over 16 primary and 32 secondary spices. We cannot tell you what our secret rub contains (exactly) but one inside tip is that we apply “The Crimson Rub” 24 hours before the chicken is cooked for maximum flavor marination. That doesn’t make for a fast process but, we cook with love, and so aren’t a fast food spot.

Lola’s Experience With Crimson Coward Nashville Style Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken

Lola Ajetunmobi’s article titled “What Lola Likes: Local Nashville Style Hot Chicken Experiences” featured our flagship location in Southern California as one of her favorite local Nashville style hot chicken joints. She so kindly shares that both her and her mom are fans of our Crimson Chicken and Crimson Sauce. Thank you!!

Lola and her mom scaled the Crimson spice charts (high five) and went for the “hot” level for their order of Crimson Chicken wings! They ordered The Half Coward which features six pieces of crispy fried to order (premium, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free, non GMO and halal) Crimson Chicken.

All Half Coward orders come with sliced white bread and pickles, hello lunch! It’s the perfect portion size for two or enjoy it all to yourself plus leftovers. Larger groups or bigger appetites can opt for the Full Coward featuring a succulent dozen of Crimson chicken wings. Which of course are also served with white bread and pickles, we got you buddy.

Crimson Coward Hot Chicken Tenders And Extras 

Chicken Tender

Also on the list of Crimson Chicken options are our chicken tenders which stand perched above the rest. We trust that you will taste the difference! We offer three tenders (with sliced white bread and pickles) or four tenders. See what Lola and her Mom were talking about with an add on of our house speciality Crimson Sauce, Ranch or Honey for some tender dipping yum.

When you are craving a little extra (or for a wee one’s tiny appetite) you can always add on a single tender to any order. Another Crimson Chicken option is our Lonely Coward, don’t let the name fool you. The Lonely Coward is one juicy boneless fried chicken breast if you aren’t craving a Nashville style hot chicken sandwich….Or if you actually are craving a hot chicken sandwich BUT it’s not your “cheat” day (FML). Bases covered with our chicken tenders and chicken wings, AKA Crimson Chicken.

Lola’s description of one of our hot chicken sandwiches known as The Crimson,: “Their most popular item is the crimson; a boneless breast with slaw, pickle, their famous crimson sauce, compacted between two brioche toasted buns.

We blushed reading about our one of a kind house speciality, “…the joey-eat-fries smothered in cheese sauce, crimson sauce drizzled, slaw, pickles, and a whole chicken breast into pieces to make it *chef’s kisses*“ is def a winner, winner chicken dinner. Joey Eat Fries is definitely something you will not find elsewhere, no buns on this bad boy. When you want to try it all in one then Joey Eat Fries is your guy.

Crimson Coward Hot Chicken Sandwich Story in Summer 2021

Summer 2021 hasn’t ended yet, did we forget something?! Packing flavor off the charts is our other hot chicken sandwich, The Homestyle. Featuring all the fixings of The Crimson chicken sandwich but served between two slices of toasted white bread and melted American cheese. Oh, yes we did that.

Regardless of which style of Crimson chicken you try, you get to pick your heat level. From no heat country, to mild, for Nashville style hot chicken fans who want just a hint of heat. Next up is our Medium heat level which provides just a slap of heat for those working their way up from the country. Things start to sizzle with Crimson-hot. You will feel the burn, with our Crimson hot level, most people stop here.

For those of you on their way to the Crimson Coward hot chicken olympics, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Our highest heat level is not for the faint of heart so we named  it BURRRRN, BABY, BURN for a reason. We also get down to the tune of  Mac and Cheese, Potato Salad, Slaw and super Craveable Fried Pickles. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about our tempting sides.

Both of our locations in Southern California are open for dine in, take out and delivery. We have plenty of seating and adamantly follow current health protocols. Hot chicken lovers in the Downey area can find us at: 10405 Lakewood, Blvd, Downey CA 90241. Open every Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm. Or swoop by Artesia, our newest location which opened in 2021: 11938 1/2 South St Artesia, CA 90701. Our newest location is also open every Monday to Sunday from 11am to 10 pm. You can also easily place your next Online Order directly on our website for either location.