Franchise Application

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in possibly purchasing a Crimson Coward Franchise. We appreciate your interest in our company. This Google Form is the franchise application to complete which is the first step of our franchising process.

Please complete the franchise application and return it at your earliest convenience so we may review your qualifications. Once your qualifications have been determined to fit our criteria, we will send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) which contains all the details about our Company, its officers, directors, trainers, the training program, the products, and the initial investment costs, as well as ongoing costs payable to the Company.

We will thereafter set up a personal or telephone interview to answer your questions as well as for us to continue the evaluation of you as a potential franchise. Our review and final approval of your franchise application may take several interviews as we want to be sure you are as comfortable with us and we are with you owning a Crimson Coward franchise. Crimson Coward requires your authorization for a credit check and background check, so please be sure to sign that authorization which is part of the application.

Please allow a minimum of 5 -7 business days after we receive your franchise application for us to respond to you, although generally it will be sooner.