Nashville Hot Chicken

Getting to Know Your Inner Crimson Coward!

Inner Crimson Coward

It’s no secret that we simply cannot get enough of Nashville style hot chicken. Can you really blame us? Our love of hot chicken is near obsessive (in the best way we swear)! After we created our Nashville style hot chicken flavor chicken bomb how could we NOT share that with fellow hot chicken aficionados in Los Angeles and beyond? Trust us, it was the responsible thing to do. Things just got way too tasty after all those delicious months spent in the test kitchen so test and get to know your inner Crimson Coward and order our tasty Nashville hot chicken now.

We now have two locations in Southern California to serve fried chicken lovers better. Our flagship location in Downey just turned two on April 20th, 2021. Thank you to all our loyal Downey guests, we could not do this without your amazing support. Y’all have been rock steady since our countdown to opening day.

We also appreciate all our guests and Crimson Coward fans that travelled to dine with us, planes, trains and automobiles…bikes & skateboards too. Much love to our Crimson Coward fans near and far, we so appreciate all your amazing Yelp reviews. 10405 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CA 90241. Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm.

Chase The BURRRN, Get To Know Your Inner Crimson Coward

Crimson Burn

We are tickled to read about what Lola (What Lola Likes) had to say about us in her recent blog post titled: What Lola Likes: Local Nashville Chicken Experiences. The newest chick on the Crimson Coward block is our second hot chicken joint in Artesia. We are over the moon now that dine-in is back (limited capacity) in both locations to our Crimson Coward fans.

Of course, you can always order take out if you prefer to enjoy your Crimson Coward feast on the couch, in the car, at the beach or somewhere in between. Both our locations are open seven days a week, so you never have to go without Crimson’s hot chicken, mac and cheese, potato salad, or fried pickles, to name a few house favorites sides. 11938 1/2 SOUTH ST ARTESIA CA 90701.  Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm.

With summer around the corner don’t forget that we also offer catering options for your spring and summer 2021 get togethers! Let us do the cooking for your next backyard small gathering so you can enjoy the celebration, blast some tunes, kick back with your crew and test out your inner Crimson Coward.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that we spend most of our waking hours thinking about both hot and fried chicken. When the only thing you are craving is expertly fried chicken then easily order online or stop by one of our two locations to really satisfy that hunger. Fried chicken purists can enjoy a half dozen of our freshly cooked to order, juicy and crispy fried Nashville hot chicken wings. A portion size sure to please, 6 lovely wings to enjoy all to yourself or too share aka as the Half Coward.

If you are feeling generous, watching the big game or finally catching up with friends then you can order our wings by the dozen which we call The Full Coward. When you and the squad are craving perfectly fried chicken there’s no need to heat up your kitchen and spend hours frying. We got the chicken covered friends. All you have to do is order in or stop by & don’t forget some sides to round out your meal.

All wing orders, half (Coward) or full (Coward) dozen are served with white bread and pickles. If your feeling saucy try our Crimson sauce, honey or ranch to further please those taste buds.

For our younger guests or those who are young at heart or folks who just love chicken tenders you’re in the right place! You can customize your chicken tenders exactly to your taste. If you’re a spice head you can build your way up through our heat levels. If you just love chicken but no heat then our country tenders are perfect for you.

Who can resist chicken tenders paired with a creamy side of our mac and cheese? Did someone say comfort food? Who said mac and cheese is just for kids? Yes, we sometimes eat mac and cheese for breakfast.

Crimson Coward Nashville Style Hot Chicken Sandwich & Sides

Crimson Coward Nashville Style Hot Chicken Sandwich & Sides

When you are craving a Nashville style hot chicken sandwich and absolutely nothing else will do, then you absolutely are in the right place. We have two different incredible hot chicken sandwich options for you to enjoy. There are countless chicken sandwiches out there but none of them are Crimson Coward’s.

Hot Chicken Sandwich lovers can choose between The Crimson or The Homestyle. Both are sure to please just depending on your taste and preferences. Some of our guests always order The Crimson. Other guests always get The Homestyle and the real wild birds alternate between the two. We source our chicken from trusted farms and have a direct relationship with the farmer. Our chicken is also (and always will be) halal and certified hormone-free.

Crimson Coward’s hot chicken sandwiches stand apart with different bread options depending on your mood and munchie factor. The Crimson is a real showstopper, camera ready for that close up. Extra cheese? The Crimson is crowned with a certified hormone-free, boneless breast cooked to perfection. This succulent wonder is dressed with Crimson Sauce, house-made slaw and pickles… All served up on an artisan brioche bun, always cooked fresh to order.

The Homestyle is a true nod to Americana, hail to the chicken sammie. The Homestyle stuns with a crispy & juicy (certified hormone-free) boneless breast, enveloped between lightly toasted white bread, which is then adorned with American cheese. We just drooled…

The only remaining decision is how hot (or not) you dare to go! We would strongly suggest starting with a lower heat level on your first visit and scaling up the flame train from there. Let us know if your team Homestyle or team Crimson when it comes to your Nashville style hot chicken sandwiches. Plus of course, keep us posted on what kind of Crimson Coward you are! Grab some milk and check out our spot on LA Eater’s Best Nashville Hot Chicken Map Los Angeles.