9 Excellent Places To Visit In Nashville Hidden

Nashville Tennessee

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee, USA and it is also the original home of the Nashville hot chicken. If you are planning on visiting for the first time or you are a returning visitor and you are looking for an excellent place to go, this article will guide you on some of the hidden gems of Nashville.

  1. Centennial Park

There is so much to experience in Nashville and Centennial Park and Vanderbilt University are just one of them. This park is famous for the replica of the Parthenon, the ancient temple of the goddess Athena in the city of Athens, Greece. The centennial park was built in 1897 as the exposition site of the Tennessee Centennial. The park has lovely sights like ponds filled with ducks and be sure to see plenty of food truck vendors.

  1. Vanderbilt University

Once you visit Centennial Park, your next destination should be Vanderbilt University named after patriarch Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt who build the university in 1873. The university is just adjacent to the centennial park and you will be welcomed with a statue of him. The campus is big and beautiful and you should stroll to see some buildings. It has the Kirkland Hall, which is the original site of the university and the Peabody College of Education buildings.

  1. Pedal Party Bars

If you love having fun, which everyone does, you should be at the moving party with pedal party bars. Nashville has special pedal bikes that can take up to 16 people and it is a party around the town. It is a way of sightseeing in Nashville where you don’t use buses but a pedal-assisted bike plus a lot of adventure. To ensure that everyone has a great time, a guide drives the party bike. It’s a moving party. If you don’t find yourself on one, you are likely going to see one coming towards you.

  1. Bluebird Café

You’re going to experience great music at Bluebird Café but the truth is that it is hard to get a ticket. If you are a fan of the Nashville television series, you must have come across this venue before. This is why you get an up-close musical experience like nowhere else. The reason why tickets are hard to get is the size of the place. If you eventually find your way in, you would love the atmosphere. 

  1. Hermitage

The house of the seventh president of the United States of America, President Andrew Jackson, had his home in Nashville. His house is called Hermitage and it is now a National Historic site with a beautiful plantation. Jackson lives on with his face on the $20 but his resting place is in the Hermitage.

  1. Frist Art Museum

This place was formerly known as the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and it is an art exhibition hall you should visit in Nashville. The museum is housed in a white marble building that is the city’s historic U.S. Post Office. The architecture of the art museum and the array of arts from different parts of the world make it an important tourist site in Nashville. The art galleries consist of local Nashville and Tennessee artists and international arts. There is another section of arts just for children and it makes it a perfect choice if you are with your kids.

  1. J. Percy Priest Dam And Recreation Areas

The J. Percy Priest Dam is located about 10 miles east of downtown Nashville and it is 42 miles long. This project was completed in 1967 under the supervision of the Army Corps of Engineers. The dam and the recreational areas cover hundreds of acres of recreational lands with trails, lakes, and campgrounds about 20 minutes outside of Nashville. You can learn more about the history of the dam and its significance from the visitor’s center. The dam was constructed with access to enjoyable outdoor space. If you like swimming you can go to the reservoir lake or bring along your boat to explore the waters.

  1. Sri Ganesha Temple

Another wonderful sight to behold when you visit Nashville is the Sri Ganesha Temple. It is just 15 minutes outside downtown and it has intriguing architecture. This Temple looks like a temple constructed in the early era about 1,000 years ago. It was constructed by Indians and the symbol of the temple is the symbol of the deity Ganesh and it resembles an elephant. The ground is well decorated as well. The temple holds special weekly events for Hindus and it’s a cultural experience you should have before leaving Nashville.

  1. The Batman Building

You can be whatever you want at Nashville including being a superhero by getting to the top of the AT&T skyscraper fondly called “Batman Building”. Well, that won’t makes you a superhero. The building is called the “Batman Building” because the apex resembles the superhero’s mask. It is 33 stories high and it gives you a good view of the city. You will experience what it means when they say the sight is beautiful from the top.